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Gold Ridge Apartments

Positioning Our Client to Drive a 10X Increase in Qualified Leads

The Project

Gold Ridge Apartments, Sacramento, CA. A 403 Unit Garden Style Complex
Gold Ridge, managed by GRT, is a traditional Garden-Style multifamily development based in Sacramento, CA. When they came to us, they were coming out of a transition in management. They trusted the Lease Engine team to support them in 3 ways: Digital Infrastructure, Reputation and Promotion. With 90 Vacancies when we entered the picture, time was also of the utmost importance.
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The Challenge

When Gold Ridge came to us, they had 90 vacancies -- and inbound leads to support the leasing team were few and far between (down to 15 per month).

The property had a history of mismanagement -- what should have been a nice place to live had slid pretty far downhill. And as property quality slid, so did their website and online reputation. Fortunately, new management came in to help Gold Ridge Shine once again, and they brought Lease Engine in to turn their marketing around, support their online reputation, and get leads in the door.

With an online review score of 2.9 stars on Google, outdated imagery on the site, and dated descriptions, there was only one positive... room for improvement.

1. Infrastructure

Improving the website and ILS listings

Web Revamp and Listing Enhancement: Back when Gold Ridge first approached us, their online presence was far from stellar. Their main marketing engine was a website with outdated visuals and descriptions that didn't do justice to the property, it was clear that an overhaul was in order. However, with a short timeline and limited budget, a full website remodel just wasn't in the cards.

We kicked off the transformation with a thorough digital footprint audit and assessment. This deep dive revealed some key opportunities for improvement. The first order of business? Urging our client to invest in fresh, captivating photography. These visuals not only breathed new life into the property but also allowed us to seamlessly integrate virtual furniture staging for a truly immersive experience.

Next on the agenda was a comprehensive update of all the property listings on Entrata. This ensured that when prospective tenants browsed platforms like Zillow and Apartments.com, they encountered compelling listings that painted a positive and fun picture of life at Gold Ridge.

Simultaneously, we worked to revamp the content and imagery across the website. This was our chance to truly showcase the property and its available units in the best possible light, leaving a lasting impression on potential residents. With these strategic updates in place, we were poised to take Gold Ridge to new heights.

Virtual Staging By Lease Engine

2. Reputation Management

With a lackluster Google review score of 2.9 stars when we came in, we knew reputation management was an urgent priority.

We focused on three main areas for reputation management: addressing negative reviews, encouraging positive ones, and providing a platform for constructive tenant feedback. For negative reviews, we responded to all negative reviews from the past 3 years to show we acknowledged past issues and we're actively working to resolve them.

To gather positive reviews, we subtly added review links to business cards for maintenance staff, and trained staff to encourage residents to leave reviews after positive experiences.

We also included our contact information on the business cards to make it easy for tenants to share concerns without affecting our online reputation. This helped promote open and constructive communication.

3. Promotion

With infrastructure established, it now made sense to invest in ILS promotion and Google ads to drive qualified traffic to our listings and site.

Google Ads Performance Data

Click Through Rate: 12.88%

Cost Per Click: $1.65

Cost Per Lead: $31.75

Estimated Cost Per Lease: $241.50

Boost In Zillow and Apartments.com

The Lease Engine team helped facilitate and guide the conversation around Zillow and Apartments.com ads, but at the end of the day, those platforms are managed by in-house teams at Zillow and Apartments.com, so we can't take credit for campaign results. We can say that updated imagery and descriptions had a major impact on campaign performance.


*Recorded 65 Days After Contract Initiation

Overall, the campaign led to a “Gold Mine” of opportunity for GRT, the investment company who owns Gold Ridge Apartments.  

Reputation Management Results:

With improved public perception and consistent positive reviews coming in, we were able to share and reinforce the narrative that new ownership was in place and doing all they could to improve the tenant experience and quality of life at Gold Ridge.

- Online review pipeline established

- Negative reviews addressed

- New Reviews Collected

- 2.8 Star Review Brought up To 3.2 Stars

Paid Ad Results:

Our Google ads project allowed us to outshine the hundreds of other apartments in the Sacramento area without getting into the space of “shared” leads from Apartments.com or Zillow.

Performance Metrics:

- $30.56 cost per lead

- 53 Additional leads per month  

- $235 estimated cost per lease.

Other Notable Results:

- 10X increase in overall leads per month from all online and walk in sources.

- 230 total new leads per month across all channels

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