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Target people who live in your competitor's buildings, or recent visitors to your properties.

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Reach people where they are

Where digital marketing meets the real world

Set up geo-targeting campaigns that advertise to potential renters based on physical locations. Competitor properties, college campuses, dorms, or even your own leasing office.

Geo-Targeting services

Our Geo-Targeting Services Include:

Higher Quality Leads

Shirk your audience size and increase brand awareness in your area! Beat our your competition one location at a time.

Optimized Ad Budget

Target smaller locations where you know the leads are more qualified. Attract renters specific to your communities like college students or families.

Strategy Planning and Execution

We work with you to determine the best locations to target for your advertising budget and build high-quality creative simultaneously to save you time and money.

Ideal Prospect Targeting

We make it possible to target your ideal tenant directly based on their location. This option can be extremely beneficial for student housing or properties that have specific targeting needs.

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Looking for a marketing partner that will listen to you? 

"They actually listened to us. In the past when I worked with marketing teams some of them just assumed they knew more than you which is annoying. That wasn't the case here."

- Sid L.
Principal, Anchor Valley Partners

"We worked with them on a project with a very aggressive timeline. They were creative and responsive to our needs; and they completed the project on time and on budget. We're glad to have TRU as part of our extended marketing team."

- Grace Chou
Director at the University of Nevada Innevation Center

"They are a true partner rooted in adherence to excellence"

- Leslie Caron.
Tall Oaks Equity Fund, LLC

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