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Social Media Ads

Increase your brand's visibility and attract tenants through paid social media.

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Paid Social Channels

Instagram / Facebook Advertising

Build your brand and drive awareness to the masses through hyper-targeted social media ads.

What we offer:

  • Retargeting
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Special ads audience
  • Creative
Paid Social Channels

Snap & TikTok Advertising

Reach a broader audience, promote your content, and get results.

What we offer:

  • Account promotion
  • Lookalike Audience promotion
  • Retargeting
  • Creative
Paid Social Channels

Display Advertising

Reach qualified prospects on the apps and news sources they love.

What we offer:

  • In app marketing
  • Geo-targetting
  • Audience exploration and retargeting
  • Creative

Paid Social Media Services Include:

Strategy Planning and Execution

We plan for success. All of our recommendations are backed by research – so no money goes to waste. We implement strategies and tactics ourselves to save time and continue optimization efforts.

Ad Creation and Optimization

Each ad we create is thoroughly vetted before launch. We then establish KPIs for ad themes and test variants regularly. There is no "set it and forget it" at Lease Engine – We strive for the most optimized ads possible.

Campaign Management and Reporting

We check, update, and report until the cycle starts again. We pride ourselves on transparency and efficiency.

Competitor Analysis

We find out what your competitors are doing so we can position your company as unique and different.

Landing Page Optimization

In many campaigns we run on social, over 80% of the value we add comes after someone clicks on an ad. That's where landing page optimization comes into play.


Promote your apartment or single family portfolio locally and ensure that you are being seen by your target audience.

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Looking for a marketing partner that will listen to you? 

"They actually listened to us. In the past when I worked with marketing teams some of them just assumed they knew more than you which is annoying. That wasn't the case here."

- Sid L.
Principal, Anchor Valley Partners

"We worked with them on a project with a very aggressive timeline. They were creative and responsive to our needs; and they completed the project on time and on budget. We're glad to have TRU as part of our extended marketing team."

- Grace Chou
Director at the University of Nevada Innevation Center

"They are a true partner rooted in adherence to excellence"

- Leslie Caron.
Tall Oaks Equity Fund, LLC

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